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Is your business growing?

Do you know how your products are positioned and perceived in the market?

Have you taken control of your customers and competition?

Do you have a way to manage change?

Are your products measured and evaluated against a set of objectives regularly?

Do you have a compelling business plan?

Are your stakeholders aligned with your business objectives?

Are you looking to grow your network of global customers, suppliers, services providers?

At SpaceMill, our goal is to help businesses address growth, quality, and sustainability in a changing global environment.

From start-up companies to large enterprises, the needs of businesses are the same -- Get and keep customers.

The results are measured by the number of customers retained and profits.

We all know it's not quite that simple. There are lots of things involved with getting and keeping customers. To complicate matters, the stakeholders of your business may all have very different objectives.
Companies must look both outward and inward to understand the positions and people that impact your business.

From developing new products to entering new global markets, Spacemill has a simple methodology with clear objectives to produce superior results. Our services range from IT application planning & implementation to complex market development strategies.

We bring over twenty years of experience, insights, perspective, networking and energy to every assignment. If your business needs help, call us now.


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